sex toys


sex toys

There aren’t as many sex toys for men as there are for us ladies—but that’s not to say we should drop the idea altogether! The right toy can unlock pleasure and sensation that you just can’t achieve with any amount of manual stimulation. As an added bonus: there’s numerous health benefits that span from stress relief to boosting your immune system. Adding in a male sex toy with a partner gives you both orgasmic opportunities galore—how fun! 


Male Masturbator Myth Busting


Before we dive into the deep pool of benefits of sex toys for guys (as well as which one to choose for your specific proclivities) it’s time to break down the myths surrounding male sex toys. Recently, the focus has been centered firmly on female pleasure with sex toys—something that was previously unheard of. This is a reason to celebrate! But what’s happened is a sort of reverse double standard—we’ve left our guys in the orgasmic dust.  Shame on us. Why is a woman pleasuring herself with a toy is now liberating, but men are shamed into treating it like a dirty secret?


There’s no clear reason why we carry this social stigma against men using sex toys. Maybe it’s every other part of sex is sold almost exclusively to men and women have claimed this as their own. It could also be the misconceptions surrounding male masturbators and sex toys. Or media’s obsession with only the most salacious sex toys that are available to men—portraying male users of sex toys as perverts and creeps?


These all feed into it, but the cultural factor that we’re fighting against is the straight male fear of being seen as gay by his peers. Let’s be crystal clear here: using sex toys to orgasm has absolutely nothing to do with either masculinity or orientation. A man who uses sex toys is a guy who knows what he likes sexually, cares about his health, and is into reciprocating—handing out orgasms to his partner like it’s candy. (The best candy ever, y’all). This sounds like every guy ever, right? Here’s everything these guys need to know about investing in their intimate wellness:


If you like it, put a ring on it

cock rink


Cock rings are worn around the base of a man’s penis and sometimes encompasses his balls too—they enhance pleasure by restricting blood flow and giving a fuller looking erection. Using solo, they can help teach a guy the control and response that, ahem, comes super useful when playing with a partner.


The amazing cockring presents dual benefits of endurance and a bigger hard on, that’s true, but the vibrating numbers like this neon rabbit cock ring and the Charged OHare Rabbit Cock Ring at The Love Spot offer a whole other dimension of pleasure—bringing your female partner into the fun when you press it against her clitoris.


This seems like a great time to remind you that regular self-pleasure sessions add serious benefits to your health. It’s a great stress reliever with top notch feel good side effects—thanks to the release of the neurochemicals that get released like dopamine and oxytocin. But I’d bet you didn’t know that ejaculation also ups levels of cortisol—which regulates and maintains immunity.


The Magical Marvel of the Massage Wand


Devices like our original Magic Wand can be used on the entire body! It’s a powerful, all over body massager that works for sports injuries to aches and pains—it’s pretty amazing. And of course, it’s an amazing addition to your couple play tool kit—perfect for an intense night with your lady lover.


It’s darn near a guarantee that whipping one of our personal massagers from your collection will totally earn kudos—no matter if you’re just loving on each other for the night, or it’s a long term thing.


Prostate Play


Regular prostate massage reduces the risk of everything from prostatitis to prostate cancer—all the while improving erectile function, the circulation of seminal fluid, and it feels fantastic.


There’s a big mental jump for a lot of men—it’s a step up from your average jerk sesh—but hold out with us here for a moment. It’s soooo worth it. Toys like our Prostatic Play P-Spot offer the perfect opportunity for anal stimulation with a partner. This will bring your orgasm to the next level.


Guys—if you like pleasure, you should love sex toys. You truly need them—for health, to enjoyment, to being a better lover—there is not a single reason saying you shouldn’t explore sex toys for yourself.